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American Corner Balti

American Corner BaltiAmerican Corner Balti

The American Corner Balti officially opened on June 8th, 2006. It is a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and the Balti Municipal Public Library. The American Corner – Balti is much more than just a library, and membership is free. Are you looking for books by American authors to borrow? Do you want to read the latest American magazines? Would you like to attend our presentations by native English speakers? The American Corner provides extensive book collections, magazines and Internet access for research. It also organizes many programs: lectures, film/DVD showings, workshops, discussions and conversation hours. The American Corner – Balti also serves as an alumni center where Moldovan citizens who have been to the United States on exchange programs can gather and keep in touch with each other and with their American contacts, and organize events and activities to share their experience.
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Did you know that today is National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
The month of July was proclaimed National Ice Cream Month by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, and with good reason. This is an ideal time of year to cool off with a sweet, frozen treat. Several ice cream-related holidays fall within this month, including National Strawberry Sundae Day, National Peach Ice Cream Day and National Hot Fudge Sundae […]
Did You Know That Today is Smile Power Day
Smile Power Day is today. Feel the power. Give everyone you see a big, friendly, “I like you” smile. You never know, you’re warm smile just might turn someone’s day right around…for the good! Love may make the world go round. But, a smile makes the world a happy place. A smile is a powerful […]
Did You Know That Today is Best Friend Day
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Decelusii internauti
A new challenge for the ‪‎American Corner Balti‬ and Municipal ‪Library‬ „Eugeniu Coseriu”. 27 children form the kindergarten “‪Soarele‬” came to visit us. They learned new info about animals, sang songs, recited poems, and got presents.
June 25th
. On June 25th  American Corner Balti held a TV reportage presentation followed by a discussion about the possibilities of opening a business in Moldova. The guest speaker was Daniela Galai, Program Coordinator, Media and Media Literacy in Moldova, IREX/Moldova.
Vacanţa în Moldova & Calculatorul – serviciu nou de bibliotecă.
În cadrul Centrului de Formare din incinta Bibliotecii Municipale „‪Eugeniu Coşeriu‬” Bălţi astăzi, 10 iunie 2015, a fost inaugurat un nou serviciu de bibliotecă – ‪Vacanţa în Moldova ‬& ‪Calculatorul‬. În cadrul serviciului care este organizat în parteneriat cu ‪American Corner Balti‬, grupul ţintă, nouă copii din mun. Bălţi, vor afla informaţii utile despre valorile […]

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