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gabriel liiceanu, despre ura
DESPRE URĂ Gabriel Liiceanu — Studii de filozofie şi filologie clasică la Universitatea din Bucureşti. Bursier al fundaţiei Alexander von Humboldt. Profesor de filozofie la Universitatea din Bucureşti. Director al Editurii Humanitas. Scrieri — Tragicul. O fenomenologie a limitei şi depăşirii (Univers, 1975; Humanitas, 1994,2005); încercare în politropia omului şi a culturii (Cartea Românească, 1981); […]
Jerry Fodor The Modularity of Mind
This study synthesizes current information from the various fields of cognitive science in support of a new and exciting theory of mind. Most psychologists study horizontal processes like memory and information flow; Fodor postulates a vertical and modular psychological organization underlying biologically coherent behaviors. This view of mental architecture is consistent with the historical tradition […]
John Taylor Gatto
Underground History of American Education Epilogue What has happened in our schools was foreseen long ago by Jefferson. We have been recolonized silently in a second American Revolution. Time to take our script from this country’s revolutionary start, time to renew traditional hostility toward hierarchy and tutelage. We became a unique nation from the bottom […]
Terry Eagleton
Autor: Terry Eagleton Editura: Blackwell Descriere: This classic work, whose first edition sold more than 120,000 copies, is designed to cover all of the major movements in literary studies in this century. The second edition contains a major new survey chapter that addresses developments since the book’s original publication in 1983, including feminist theory, postmodernism, […]
Dada and Surrealism – A Very Short Introduction
Autor: David Hopkins Editura: Oxford University Press The avant-garde movements of Dada and Surrealism continue to have a huge influence on cultural practice, especially in contemporary art, with its obsession with sexuality, fetishism, and shock tactics. In this new treatment of the subject, Hopkins focuses on the many debates surrounding these movements: the Marquis de […]
My Name is Red, Orhan Pamuk
450 pages My Name is Red is a Turkish novel by Nobel laureate author Orhan Pamuk. The main characters in the novel are miniaturists in the Ottoman Empire, and the events revolve around the murder of one of the painters, as related in the first chapter. From then on Pamuk, in a postmodern style reminiscent […]
Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott 1884 To The Inhabitance of SPACE IN GENERAL And H.C. IN PARTICULAR This Work is Dedicated By a Humble Native of Flatland In the Hope that Even as he was Initiated into the Mysteries Of THREE DIMENSIONS Having been previously conversant With ONLY TWO So the Citizens of that Celestial […]
  IISUS CONTRA IISUS de Gerard Mordillat Autori: Gerard Mordillat si Jerome Prieur Traducere de Gabriela Siclovan. An editie :2007 Editia :I Stoc :Disponibil 388 pag. Format 130×200. Legat. ISBN 978-9975-79-232-5   Fragment: EVANGHELIILE, TEXT MINAT Cititorul Evangheliilor se aventurează de fiecare dată pe un teren minat. Riscul este legat de faptul că istoria lui […]
Vladimir Jankelevitch “L`imprescriptible”
 L’IMPRESCRIPTIBLE PARDONNER ? DANS L’HONNEUR ET LA DIGNITÉ ÉDITIONS DU SEUIL 27, rue Jacob, Paris VIe   Cet ouvrage a été édité aux Éditions du Seuil sous la direction de Jean-Pierre Barou Pardonner ? a paru initialement en 1971 aux Édi­tions Le Pavillon, dirigées par Roger Maria. Dans l’honneur et la dignité, en 1948, dans […]

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