Un nene Project

 Un nene Project Un nene Project

este un blog personal, unde scriu cand am timp liber. Eu sunt un baiat care studiaza informatica si de obicei ma plictisesc.
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Batch processing at Scale (RO)
A high-level presentation about software for processing large quantities of data, it supports horizontal scalability, restarts during operation and is not using a database for tracking progress.
Returning Java Optional Benchmark
I was reading on the internet that returning Java Optional may be slow and it is not recommend for high-performance applications. A bit of history In Java lack of a value can be represented as null or a more readable approach and less error-prone is to use Optional. Using Optional is the recommended way of […]
Dual Writes
Dual Writes often happens in a microservices based architecture. Whenever a piece of data changes in one place, we need to persist or react on it on multiple places. Imagine a user bought a product on our website and we need to save order in the database and inform a delivery service that they should […]
Notes on Structured Concurrency, Fibers/Coroutines
Resources: Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful Roman Elizarov — Structured concurrency KotlinConf 2017 – Deep Dive into Coroutines on JVM by Roman Elizarov Communicating sequential processes This blog post is in progress so I will update it gradually. There is a presentation that I have recorded:
This article describes how a Cloud Native application should look like, it is based on the well known 12 Factors. At the moment of writing this article, in my understanding, the Cloud Native is not only about code that developers write, but it is also a way of organizing engineering teams so that their work […]
AbstractBuilder pattern that returns the subclass instance
I will start with a simple example where we want to have an AbstractBuilder for building Pet instances, in our example this will be a Dog. Here are the Pet class, and the Dog class that extends Pet Suppose we need a builder for building Dog instances and we know that in future there will […]
Kotlin Basics
The Unit return type declaration is optional for functions. The following codes are equivalent. Single-Expression functions:When a function returns a single expression, the curly braces can be omitted and the body is specified after = symbol fun sum(a : Int, b : Int) : Int = a + b Explicitly declaring the return type is […]
Kotlin Intro
Hello World Kotlin programs start at the main function. Here is an example of a simple Kotlin “Hello World” program: When compiled this code will be compiled into a file named after file name + 'Kt', if your file was named Main.kt, the compiled code will be in a file name MainKt. In the above […]
An Agile approach in software building
When writing software, it is important to keep you organized and focused, losing focus or vague understanding requirements will endup in a bad written system in the best case. If you have got a large body of work that needs to go into production there are lots potential things that can go wrong. When you […]
Retry mechanism in an event based architecture
In this article I would like to explain what kind of problems can we encounter when working with Apache Kafka and how we can address them. Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, it is used for building real-time data pipelines, because of persistence of topics it can be used for processing historical message events; […]

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