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Veaceslav Bunduche

Veaceslav BunducheVeaceslav Bunduche

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5 Ways to Get Started On Your Side Hustle
We’re committed to helping you create a professional online presence with WordPress.com, and we’re launching a three-month free trial with Professional Email to get you started. Professional Email is an industry-leading email service from our partner Titan that’s powerful and easy to set up. Professional Email helps you build your brand online with a custom email address at your domain.
Heading Font Weights and List View Toggles Arrive in Block Editor and WordPress 5.8
With the WordPress 5.8 release, we're starting to introduce features that overall improve your visual editing experience.
The Second Annual, Official WordPress.com Growth Summit is Coming and You Won’t Want to Miss It
Join us online August 17 (Americas) or August 18 (Asia-Pacific). Register today!
Make Your Best Photos Shine
Photos on your website can be a representation of who you are, what you do, or what you love. We want your photos to show to your visitors as best they possibly can, no matter what kind of device they are using.
WordPress.com Managed Hosting Webinar with Rudy Faile, Automattic Systems
Learn how WordPress.com's managed hosting powers fast, secure websites.
Popular Podcast App Pocket Casts Joins Automattic
Pocket Casts will be joining Automattic, making it easier for podcast fans to discover new content and customize their listening experience.
6 Ways WordPress.com Courses Help You Grow
Join our WordPress.com Course Communities to help you get started on your blog or podcast.
Build a Blogging Habit with Reminders in Your WordPress App
Meet your posting goals on your site with this new feature in the iOS and Android apps.
P2 Puts Easy, Flexible Project Tracking Tools In Your Hands
Improve your team's workflow and productivity with these project tracking blocks.
Built-in Duotone Image Filter, Editor Navigation via Persistent List View, and Other Block Editor Improvements
The next batch of exciting updates to the block editor is live on WordPress.com. Powerful duotone image editing, a persistent list view to edit your page or post, and an update for picking table colors are all ready for you to build and improve the look of your site. Let’s …

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